VFXTerminal has closed the doors

We are sorry to anounce that we had to took VFXTerminal down. Due to new laws regarding user tracking and legal stuff in our country Germany we can no longer take the risk to run this site.
Things are getting very hard to keep legal and because of this we have to stop here and now.

To eloborate on this. We has site owner have to make sure that the user cannot be tracked without the permission of the user. That means we cannot use a CDN anymore to serve pictures, because the CDN could track the user...
Or comments are served from DISQUS - illegal in Germany now. But it is even worse; technically we aren' t even allowed to kerp server logs. But how are we supposed to debug the site? Debug error?
We were scanning the logs on a hourly basis to detect these errors and/or detect hacking events. We cannot do that anymore. It' s illegal by definition in Germany.
Yeah we could add a frontpage to ask for permission but that would be insane to maintain and keep up. In addition to that it would prevent Google from indexing the site, leading to a visitor drop. That is not worth the effort we think.
Maybe this site comes back online when the situation relaxes in Germany or we migrated completly into the US or GB. The data is still there and ready!

We had a great time running the site and say thank you to our fellow followers.

Kind Regards,
VFXTerminal Team

If you want you can join #vfxterminal or #vfx on irc.freenode.net to talk about vfx and stuff.
Hope to see you there!

Created: March 11th 2014 18:31 Last Modified: March 12th 2014 08:55 UTC